Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Lyrics of Sarah's Song by Madness

Edit: Skip down to the comments for the correct lyrics to both versions of Sarah's Song.

The short version: I'm trying to figure out what this lyric is: MP3 clip.

Have a guess before you read the clues below.

A few years ago there was a musical called Our House based on the songs of Madness. emmzzi and I went to see it in Birmingham. I can't speak for Emma but I rather enjoyed it. I subsequently bought the DVD, which I happened to re-watch tonight. It features a couple of songs that were written specifically for the show. One of them (Simple Equation) isn't that great, but the female lead's theme song is quite lovely. I didn't know what it was called so I Googled some of the lyrics and found a poor transcription of a very different version of the song that Madness recorded after the musical came out.

What prompted this post is that I tried to correct all the mistakes in the transcription but I can't quite make out that one line. In the musical version of the song, the line is quite clearly "You say you fight for what you love, but in the end." The transcriber thought the lyric was, "And I thought that love would have coped but in the end." I'm fairly sure that's wrong.

Here is the full version from the musical (minor spoilers):
Here is the version released as Sarah's Song:
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