Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

New Fenchurch TODO List

As promised, here is the new Fenchurch TODO List:

To Do Soon (ie. before I put her back on the road)

  • Check/adjust the clutch pedal free travel.
  • Reassemble the front end (front panel, grille, radiator, bumper etc.).
  • Reassemble and fill the coolant system.
  • Replace the faulty battery.
  • Get fresh MOT and road tax.
  • Put filler in a few places where I had to cut out (non-structural) wood that had gone soft.
  • Oil the woodwork (several coats, plus more light sanding in-between to get a nice finish).
  • Re-fit the rear door handle (trickier than it sounds because the screws sheared off in the wood when I removed it).
  • Clean the whole exterior (again - dirt keeps falling from the upper floor of the barn onto her).
  • Fettle the rear doors so they shut easily without crashing into each other.
  • Finish sanding the woodwork (back doors are done, the rest is about half way).
  • Bleach the stained bits of woodwork (mainly around joints).
  • Remove the leaky radiator and get it re-cored.
  • Replace the perished engine breather pipe.
  • Change the fan belt for a slightly shorter one (I've found with both my Minors, the standard fan belt is still a bit slack when the dynamo is at the maximum adjustment).
  • Remove the badly chipped and rusted radiator grille, strip it back to bare metal, sand all the rust off, etch prime, and re-paint it.
  • Fix the speedometer (try again to fettle it myself first before I resort to having it professionally repaired at a cost of about £65).
  • Clean up and re-paint all five wheels.
  • Paint the underside of the bonnet.
  • Refurbish the air filter housing (the metal near where the inlet pipe attaches has started to crack, and it's both the wrong colour and quite rusty).
  • Fettle the slow windscreen wipers (I suspect I used too much/too thick grease when I assembled them).
  • Fettle the stiff, unreliable windscreen washer pump (I think the cheap and nasty non-return valves are mostly to blame).
  • Install [redacted] (anti-theft device that Lintilla has but I've not got around to fitting to Fenchurch yet).
  • Install accessory sockets for powering iPods, phone chargers, etc.
  • Fit hazard lights. (I want to do this to Lintilla too, having several times found myself in a situation where they would have been Really Handy)
  • Check the gearbox oil level.
  • Check the damper fluid levels. (rear offside is leaking slightly)
  • Check the back axle oil level. (it had lost a surprising amount, probably from the leaky pinion seal)
  • Grease all the grease points.
  • Clean the engine bay (it's very oily from the leaky engine front crankshaft oil seal).
  • Replace the split nearside steering rack gaiter (again!).
  • Oil the steering rack.
  • Sort out the leaks from the bonnet hinge gaskets that cause water to drip onto your knees and the stereo when it rains.
  • Treat the woodwork with wood preservative (including putting the extra-special stuff on joints, window drain holes, and the places that have gone slightly soft).
  • Take the heater off and flush the matrix with limescale remover (apparently the early type Fenchurch has should work better than mine does so I suspect it's scaled up or something).
  • Inspect the brakes for seized cylinders etc. (due to them having been unused for so long).
  • Trim the too-long bolts that hold the back door hinges on.
  • Sort out the leaks from the windscreen wiper shaft gaskets and also fettle them so the wipers don't catch on the back edge of the bonnet when you open it.
  • Clean out the sliding window channels.

To Do Slightly Later (as soon as possible after getting her back on the road)

  • Sand back and re-oil parts of the woodwork (again!).
  • Re-assemble and re-fit heater.
  • Try to make the passenger's door close smoothly without scratching the paint at the top.
  • Try to stop the driver's door rubbing against the sill finisher.
  • Sand out all the rust spots in the upper body paintwork and treat with rust-killer.
  • Zinc-prime all the rust spots.
  • Touch up all the rust spots and also the shallower chips that weren't deep enough to become rust spots.
  • Touch up any areas underneath where the paint has chipped/flaked off.
  • Spray Dinitrol 3125 anti-rust wax treatment (the thin stuff) underneath and into the cavities.
  • Spray the thicker Dinitrol wax (forgotten the number) underneath.
  • Sort out the leaks from the rear sliding windows and infill panels that cause the boot to fill up with water when it rains.
  • Sort out any other leaks I can find.
  • Remove the excess Dum-Dum body sealer and apply fresh stuff where needed.
  • Fettle the stupidly tight-fitting pattern hub caps (it takes a crow bar and a block of wood to lever them off, inevitably scraping lots of paint off the wheels).
  • Clean up all the exterior chromework (annoyingly the new stuff isn't lasting anywhere near as well as the original stuff).
  • Fettle the rear door stays so they hold the doors open more securely (a small thing but quite annoying when the doors keep slamming shut while you're trying to load stuff in or out).

To Do When I Have a Chance (would be nice to get done but not urgent)

  • Fit new passenger glovebox liner (never fitted it before because of the leaks under the dash).
  • Fit new '1000' badge on the rear door (the old one fell off ages ago).
  • Fit tow bar and towing electrics.
  • Replace the rusty bent coathanger aerial (which works surprisingly well!) with something that looks a bit better.
  • Fit the chrome tailpipe finisher.
  • Touch up the chipped/scratched/worn blue paint inside the passenger compartment.
  • Remove or relocate the dashboard compass (turns out it's influenced by the magnets in the speedo and indicates whatever direction it feels like, sometimes just spinning slowly round and round!).
  • Replace the rear seat belts with the longer ones I bought on eBay (despite what the manufacturer says, the traveller needs a longer rear belt than the saloon). This will free up a pair of standard-length belts that I can install in Lintilla.
  • Upgrade the front brakes. I do have a second set of Wolseley 9" front drum brakes I was intending to fit to Fenchurch, but I have never managed to cure the juddering they cause on Lintilla (long story - tried lots of things without success), and I'm concerned about them possibly doing the same thing if fitted to Fenchurch. ETA: Have sourced a third set; problem is still ongoing but I'm making some progress with it.
  • Improvise some way to control the heater fresh air intake flap (it was originally controlled by a cable attached to the parcel shelf, which I never re-fitted because I don't like them).

To Do Much Later (long-term goals and wishlist stuff)

  • Replace the front suspension bushes with polybushes.
  • Replace the leaky pinion oil seal on the back axle.
  • Clean up and paint the back axle.
  • Replace the rear suspension bushes with polybushes.
  • Replace the rear springs.
  • Replace the leaky rear damper. (Think it was the offside one but I'm not sure.)
  • Fit an intermittent wiper controller.
  • Fit a reversing light. (I may have found a suitable NOS Lucas one - not certain if it's meant to be a reversing light, front fog light, or something else)
  • Fit a rear fog light.
  • Maybe fit high level brake light(s).
  • Maybe add reflectors or LED bulbs or something to make the standard brake lights brighter.
  • Re-paint the interior bodywork Royal Blue instead of Almond Green.
  • Replace the interior trim with something that matches the blue of the paintwork.
  • Fit a carpet (only after I'm sure I've cured all the leaks).
  • Possibly fit an alternator (though I have coped OK with a dynamo so far - you just have to avoid sitting at idle for long periods with the headlights and wipers going).
  • Maybe fit heated rear windows.
  • Maybe fit a heated front windscreen.
  • Repair the original speedometer to keep as a spare.
  • Build a spare 1098 engine to fit when the original engine becomes too tired (I already have nearly all the parts in stock, including a rebored block, new pistons, reground crankshaft and unleaded head). Alternatively, fix up and install the rebuilt 1275 Midget engine that is currently sitting on a bench in my dad's garage. (If I did the latter I'd definitely have to upgrade the brakes first.)

I'll keep editing the list as I think of new tasks, shuffle priorities around, and strike off tasks that I've done.
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