February 2nd, 2013

Bigger hammer

Turning Top

I've recently taken up wood turning[1]. One of the first things I made on my own lathe was an ornament for my eldest niece's Christmas present: Collapse )

The surface finish is just beeswax polish, applied and buffed with the lathe turning at high speed. The knob on the top is made from oak IIRC. The first one I made flew out of the lathe chuck while I was polishing it and vanished. I wasted ten minutes searching for it before giving up and making another. I later found the lost one on the floor right behind where I had been standing! (Though actually I think the second one turned out better than the first).

[1] I made a tool rest and other wood-turning accessories for my Taig/Peatol lathe and have put together a nice collection of turning chisels/gouges, mostly second hand Ashley Iles tools found on eBay. The lathe is quite small and isn't as rigid as I'd like, but I've managed to make some nice things on it.