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May 26th, 2009


Back home; throat sore

We rolled back into Burnley last night after an absolutely awesome trip around the Scottish highlands and islands. Lin never broke down, though her exhaust is held on with gardening wire and she's been misfiring a bit.

I'll try to catch up with blogging some of the highlights of the second half of the trip as soon as I can (before too much of it evaporates from my memory). In hindsight, if I didn't have a spare hour or so to write a long, detailed blog entry when we arrived at our accommodation in the evening (which was more often than not), what I should have done was spent 15 minutes noting down two or three brief highlights, instead of putting it off in the hope that I would have time to catch up properly the next day. Writing it from the passenger seat while Wibble drove was far from ideal, and even our 'rest days' were packed with activities that left me with no spare time to write my journal. I think accidentally deleting two days' worth of posts in Durness was the last straw that meant there was no way I was going to catch up.

Unfortunately a few days ago I started to get a sore throat, which has got worse and is now so bad that I've lost my voice. Wibble thinks she's developing the same thing, a day or two behind me. I've decided to work from home today because my knackered voice isn't up to talking to clients on the phone.