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May 10th, 2009

Hijinks Ensue

Ferry from Barra to Eriskay

As I write this I'm on the ferry from Barra to Eriskay. There was no phone signal on Barra; hopefully I'll be able to post this from somewhere on the Uists.

The 5 hour ferry to Barra was sufficiently choppy that I turned a bit green and had to go and sit out in the fresh air at the stern.

Barra is a lovely tiny little island. We saw quite a lot of it in a quick drive around this morning. We drove out to a beachi in the South where a local, who had just got his van stuck in the sand, said "you're taking a chance bringing that out here!" Luckily we didn't have any trouble reversing back up the track.

Dunard hostel is a pleasant enough place.

Just arriving in port; better get back to the car!

Update: Stopped for lunch by a beach at the top of South Uist and there's a weak signal. Beautiful clear sunny day. We stopped briefly at the Howmore hostel to take a look even though we're not staying there. It seemed very cosy. Some cyclists there said the Berneray one we're on our way to tonight is even better.

More later! :)
Ferry from Barra to Eriskay