Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Whatever happened to Fenchurch?

I bought Fenchurch, my 1963 Morris Minor Traveller, in July 2006 and carried out a partial restoration over the following year. After getting her back on the road she was my primary transport until spring 2009, when I put her to bed in my parents' garage and switched to driving Lintilla. In the (nearly) two years she was on the road, I kept her outside all year round and drove about 25,000 miles (my daily commute, the first Land's End to Orkney rally, the Around Ireland Rally, quite a few trips to London and Glasgow, numerous SF conventions and Morris Minor gatherings, etc.). The plan was that I would drive Lintilla while I spent a couple of months doing some overdue preventive maintenance on Fenchurch. Life got in the way and she spent most of a year in the garage, then when my dad wanted the space back I drove her down to Wales and she's been parked in the lovely wibble_puppy's barn ever since. This was only meant to be a temporary arrangement (plus I'd really like to be able to drive her again!), so I'm finally putting a concerted effort into getting her back on the road.

Mechanically she's still in pretty good nick - her engine is beginning to get a little bit tired, but it probably has another 20-40K to go before it will need a rebuild. The main reason I took her off the road was to do something about her woodwork, which was starting to show the effects of being stored outside and neglected - no serious rot yet, but the staining around the joints etc. had returned and some bits were starting to feel worryingly 'spongy'. I also want to sort out the numerous paint chips and rust spots. Again, nothing serious, but she was starting to look tatty and would only get worse if left untreated. She's also overdue for a fresh application of the under-body anti-corrosion wax stuff, which for the most part seems to have worked very well. A few other bits and pieces need time and/or money spending on them - eg. the speedometer is faulty (I used to make do with the rev counter), and the radiator has started weeping while in storage. The rear springs are flat as a pancake but fixing them isn't a high priority, and neither is sorting out the interior (which is still almond green and uncarpeted).

Something that has helped to motivate me in the past is to put a public TODO list up on LJ and cross stuff out when it's done. For historical interest, here is the original Fenchurch TODO list from nearly four years ago, and here is the Lintilla TODO list from when I was preparing her for the second LEO rally. Rather than tacking the new tasks onto the old Fenchurch list, I've written a new one (on paper), which I will transcribe and post on here tomorrow.

PS. I was surprised to realise that Lintilla has now been my primary transport for as long as Fenchurch was, though I have only done about 16,000 miles in Lin (largely due to not having a daily commute any more).
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