December 22nd, 2008

Hijinks Ensue

The first sentence of the month meme

January: Hope you're not all suffering too badly from hangovers this morning.
February: Snow!
March: I've just realised that I haven't posted yet about getting the new Morris Minor home.
April: Anyone want to share a twin room at Conrunner?
May: I've just found out about a fairly hefty discount available on the ferry to Ireland for people taking part in the Kilbroney classic car show.
June: On Saturday I drove down to the Gaspodes' place at Aylesbury for the Odyssey 2010 volunteers' barbecue.
July: This weekend I was at ConRunner, the first in a series of biannual UK conventions for convention organisers.
August: Lintilla is back on the road!
September: We are now in Galway, heading up to Donegal today by an interesting-looking route.
October: I just heard the first firework explode near the office.
November: On Wednesday evening I went to Manchester to see Jonathan Coulton supported by Paul and Storm.
December: Somebody has pointed out that I haven't updated my LJ for quite a while.