December 17th, 2008

Fancy a brew?

Reasons to be cheerful

1. Good friends.
2. My big morning mug of tea with chocolate biscuits.
3. Not being stressed about not having bought or made any Christmas cards yet.
4. Working on one of my mad projects [1].
5. Going to see Madness live in Manchester tomorrow night.
6. Fenchurch starting and running perfectly every day despite the weather.
7. Buying a new airbed that doesn't try to break my neck when I lie on it.
8. Throwing out all my old holy socks and buying many pairs of new good-quality ones.
9. Lintilla's new tyres arriving this morning, earlier than I was expecting.
10. Visiting wibble_puppy over Christmas.

[1] A surprise Christmas present so I can't say what it is yet. Almost all of the parts were either scrap I already had lying around or bought from a pound shop.