July 10th, 2008

Bigger hammer


We had some pretty extreme rain here last night - the heaviest I can remember since Sheffield flooded last year. Unfortunately some of it leaked through Fenchurch's windscreen wiper spindles and dripped onto my stereo. It worked for a few minutes this morning before the front panel crashed and stopped responding to controls or updating the display. Upon reaching my destination it didn't stop playing when I turned the ignition off, so I had to pull the fuse (it has both a permanently live high-current supply and an ignition sense input). After putting the fuse back in it wouldn't power up again and the display remained blank.

Hopefully drying it out will fix it, but the last time I killed a car stereo this way (due to a leaky Land Rover roof), when I took it apart I found that the PCB and parts of the chassis were badly corroded. This is a bit unfortunate because it's quite a decent unit with a built in MP3 CD player. The stereo in my other Minor is a useless old tape deck that I'm thinking about simply removing until I have the time and money to fit something better to it.
Working on it

Minor update

The past couple of evenings I've been working on pulling Lintilla's engine out. While it's out I'll be changing the clutch, release bearing, oil filter, vacuum advance, and mounting rubbers. I'm also going to whip the sump off to have a look at the condition of the bearing shells because I don't know anything about the history of the engine other than that it was fitted by a cowboy (yee-haa!). Collapse )