June 13th, 2008

Working on it

Minor update

I haven't done all that much on Lintilla since the last post about the crossmember repair. She's still at that stage where every time I try to do some work on her I discover another thing that needs fixing. The problem is worse than it was with Fenchurch because she has been abused and neglected in the past - I'm not only dealing with old worn parts and rust, but past bodges and shoddy workmanship too.

Tonight I did some more dismantling of the front suspension because I've decided to fit the bigger Wolseley 1500 front brakes to her, plus I wanted to check the condition of the trunnions and clean and paint everything while I've got it in bits. If the threads on the trunnions and swivel pins are badly worn they can suddenly fall apart and plough the front end of the car into the road, usually when you drive up a kerb or something. I'm not confident of my ability to tell how far gone they are without taking them apart and having a close look inside. The one swivel pin I've taken apart so far (the right hand side) doesn't look too bad - the bottom one is noticeably more worn than the top one, but it's not worn to the point of needing immediate replacement.

While I was working on that, I realised that the brake pipes are in a poorer condition than they initially appeared and will need replacing, plus the clutch is on the absolute limit of its adjustment and will also need replacing very soon. I only thought of looking at the clutch adjuster rod after my recent problem with Fenchurch's clutch on the way to morris1000's place. Annoyingly the engine was changed not all that many miles ago and I find it hard to believe that the mechanic failed to notice that the clutch was badly worn when he swapped it over.

I also spotted that they made a real mess of attaching the front bump stops to the inner wings, meaning they are probably a lot less effective than they should be, and at least one of the front dampers is loose. The eye bolt bushes have totally disintegrated and the pins are rather worn, but I already knew that and have got a set of Superflex polybushes and new pins ready to fit. Luckily the eyebolts themselves don't look badly worn as they are out of stock at the supplier I use. Another problem I noticed was the tie-rod on one side was rather wonky and the big washers on it were badly chewed up - I reckon it got bent in a small front-end collision some time ago and whoever repaired it just bent it back roughly straight again and didn't bother to replace the washers. I'm hoping to pick up a better one from Ray at the National rally next weekend.

One area in which I have actually made a bit of progress is that I have fitted all new straps and cushions in the front seats and they are much more comfortable now. If I get time this weekend I will finish dismantling the left-hand front suspension, decide whether or not the crossmember-end on that side is good enough to leave alone for a while, and make a start on cleaning up all the front suspension parts and the Wolseley brakes.