June 3rd, 2008

Morris Minor, Fenchurch

What I did this weekend

On Saturday I drove down to the Gaspodes' place at Aylesbury for the Odyssey 2010 volunteers' barbecue. After food and chat we watched Doctor Who on the giant projector screen, followed by DVDs until after midnight.

Sunday morning I carried on down to Southwold to meet the invaluable, incomparable, ineffable and rarely incoherent morris1000, who also drives a Morris Minor Traveller and will be coming with us on the AIR. On the way there Fenchurch's clutch wore down sufficiently that I was having trouble changing gear, so I had to spend a few minutes lying on my back on the drive adjusting it to take up the slack (modern cars do this automatically I believe). In hindsight I realise I should be checking how much free-play there is in the pedal at each service, as I hadn't done anything to it since I changed the gearbox last year.

morris1000 and I talked about various things (including all the work he has yet to do on his car before the rally!), then went to see some friends of his and had a ride in their immaculately restored Morris Eight. We had lunch in the local pub, went for a bit of a drive around in Fenchurch, then I had to set off back on the marathon seven-hour trek home up the A14, A1, and M62. Total distance covered over the weekend was around 600-650 miles.
Hijinks Ensue

Hear My Song

I've just watched a movie morris1000 lent to me called Hear My Song. It made me very happy. Not just because it features the protagonist and his best mate driving around Ireland in a Morris Minor Traveller, and not even because the protagonist's girlfriend is played by the gorgeous Tara Fitzgerald, who we get to see rather a lot of in one scene. It is simply a really good film that I'm surprised I had never heard of before.

The plot revolves around a failing theatre promoter and his attempts to book Josef Locke, an Irish singer who was very popular here in the 1950s but was forced to flee back to Ireland after failing to pay his taxes. Locke really existed and some of the back-story is based on reality - my mum actually saw him perform under the pseudonym "Mr X" (but was it really him? :). It is funny, light-hearted, romantic, eccentric, and touching without straying into the territory of the formulaic Hollywood rom-com. Highly recommended.

Unfortunately, what it isn't is easily available on DVD in this country. Inexplicably it appears to have only been released in Germany. The disc has the English soundtrack on it but it defaults to the dubbed soundtrack and the menus are all in German. If you do manage to lay your mitts on an imported copy, the trick to getting it to play in English is to select "Sprachen Ton" then "Englische Fassung Stereo" then "Film Fortfahren." If you are unable to get hold of an imported DVD, I couldn't possibly advocate typing something like "Hear My Song" and "torrent" into Google.