May 10th, 2008

Hijinks Ensue

Last Phoenix Ceilidh of the season

I went to another good Phoenix Ceilidh last night; sadly it was the last one until October. The band were the excellent Hekety from Leeds. Women outnumbered men by a small but significant margin and I think the only time I failed to get a partner for a dance was when I was queueing at the bar.

It quickly got very hot and sweaty due to the warm weather. I was worried beforehand that I might run out of energy due to having given blood the day before, but if anything I felt fitter than I did last month and could probably have gone on for another hour. Slightly bemused that although I still very much regard myself as a novice, more than once people pointed at me and said, "he knows what he's doing," or complimented me on my ability to remember the steps of a dance.

We did one rather unusual and entertaining dance that had something to do with Australian politics - the person in the middle of three rows of three was 'the prime minister' who everyone else danced around and interacted with in various ways, then there was an 'election' and a different row progressed into the middle.

Next Saturday I'm off down to Antrobus for a ceilidh run by All Blacked Up.