March 27th, 2008

Hijinks Ensue

Torchwood Wobblevision S1E2: Day One

At Orbital 2008 last weekend I directed another episode of Torchwood Wobblevision. For the uninitiated this involves randomly choosing an episode of Torchwood from a selection of pre-prepared scripts, casting the characters pretty much at random, staging each of the key scenes in places around a convention hotel using any props that happen to come to hand, taking photos of them, and posting them on the web as a captioned slide show. I stole the idea from Blake's 7 Wobblevision to do at Year of the Teledu and it was so much fun that I volunteered to do it again.

So, without further ado, I present Day One.

We ran into a few teething troubles related to casting but I have some ideas for ways to make the scripts easier to work with in the future. The crowded social space we were working in and the fact that we overlapped with one of the most popular items of the whole weekend caused some slight problems but I think the end result turned out pretty well, I had lots of fun doing it, and I'd like to thank the cast (especially Carys) for being such great sports.

In case you missed the one we did at YotT, it was Cyberwoman.

I have already volunteered to do another episode at Redemption 2009 and could easily be persuaded to do it at other cons I'm going to if you give me a bit of notice to sort out the scripts in advance.