November 5th, 2007

Hijinks Ensue

Novacon 37 report

This was my second Novacon. It was probably more representative of the Novacon experience than last year because that was dominated by discussion about Convoy (the original 2007 Eastercon) having been cancelled, and the creation of Contemplation as a very short notice replacement. Collapse )
Steam Sparky, Sparky

Signs I may be losing my mind #579

Inspired by Pac Gentleman and Pongmechanik and of course The Great Crystal Cyberdrome Exhibition, I just spent an hour in the bath trying to devise an electromechanical computer that could drive a Tetris fairground game. Of course I could cheat and hide a microcontroller in the base (I've already implemented Tetris in C), but there's something terribly appealing to me about the idea of a clicking whirring machine that could theoretically have been built as far back as 1835 (when the relay was invented).