September 18th, 2007

Morris Minor, Fenchurch


There was frost on the garage roof this morning. I really ought to sort out a heater for Fenchurch soon because the only way to stop the windscreen misting up when it's cold outside is to drive with the window open. An interesting thing I noticed this morning is that the temperature gauge stays quite low until the thermostat opens, at which point it rapidly climbs to normal running temperature. It's as if the sensor was on the radiator side of the thermostat, except I know it isn't - I suspect poor water flow around the sensor is to blame rather than any real problem with the cooling system.
In office chair


[Rooting around under a desk looking for a spare power socket to plug a desk lamp in.]
"What's that one? Ah, it's the fan heater isn't it? I'm not using that."
[Unplugs the fan heater]
Half a second later: "Why has the server cupboard gone quiet?"

Bad: I unplugged one of my office servers, the one that handles incoming email and web and various other external services.
Worse: The (admittedly rather old) system disk decided it'd had enough and refused to spin back up upon reapplying the power. Always a risk when you power down a machine that's been running constantly for years.
Annoying: I accidentally breathed in loads of dust when I pulled the disk caddies out (I'm allergic to dust).
Good: I appear to have a spare blank disk.
Better: All the data is safely stored on a separate RAID 5 file server that is still running fine.
Great: I also have a full nightly backup of the dead disk stored on the other server.
Fantastic: The disk that I thought was a spare blank was actually a RAID 1 mirror of the dead one. All I had to do was install Grub on it to get it to boot.