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August 26th, 2007

Morris Minor, Fenchurch

Trip Report: the 2007 Land's End to Orkney Morris Minor Rally


I was originally planning to take part in this year's Barnsley JOGLE (John O'Groats to Land's End in 24 hours in a Morris Minor), but it was cancelled due to lack of interest, so I decided to do the LEO (Land's End to Orkney) rally that Bill had been plugging on the MMOC forum instead. In hindsight I really needed the extra couple of months this gave me to get Fenchurch back on the road and prepare her for the trip. I finished reassembling her on the 18th of July and almost immediately took her on a 300 mile round-trip to Leicester. Nothing fell off, but I did discover a few leaks in the heavy rain and learned how to demist the interior of a Traveller without the aid of a heater. Over the next few weeks I worked until late every night fixing problems and fitting improvements such as electronic ignition, an instrument panel, and a stereo. One of the things I didn't get around to doing was checking the condition of the fuel pump points or repairing my spare pump.

Tuesday: Burnley to CheddarCollapse )
Wednesday: Cheddar to PenzanceCollapse )
Thursday: Penzance to Underbank (near Buxton) via Land's EndCollapse )
Friday: Underbank to GlendevonCollapse )
Saturday: Glendevon to Orkney via John O'GroatsCollapse )
Sunday: Pottering around on OrkneyCollapse )
Monday: Orkney to MinigaffCollapse )
Tuesday: Minigaff to Burnley via WigtownCollapse )
ConclusionsCollapse )
What Next?Collapse )

See also my photo album of the trip for many more pictures that weren't included in this report, and the Morris Minor Owner's Club Forum topic where the trip was planned and discussed.

ETA: I've locked comments on this entry because it kept receiving anonymous spam.