August 14th, 2007

Morris Minor, Fenchurch

I'm back!

I'll do a full writeup later when I emerge from under the mountain of emails and work etc. For now I'll just mention a really bizarre coincidence that happened to me on the way home. I pulled into a petrol station in the Lake District, and Neil and Stephanie were there! We were going from and to different places at different times by different routes and they just happened to cross at the exact place and time that I decided to fill up. Neil had his bonnet up again, fiddling with the voltage regulator because it didn't seem to be charging properly. I smoothly pulled up alongside and said to him, "We have to stop meeting like this."

ETA: The SMS update I sent on Wednesday night disappeared into the ether. Here is what it said:
Road to YH closed. Friendly locals sent me down overgrown green lane. Have lost aerial. Pls send bent coathanger so I can listen to Wogan.