August 5th, 2007

Hijinks Ensue

New medical condition discovered: Spacehopper Knees

Two weeks after The Spacehopper Incident at Year of the Teledu where I attempted to take part in a spacehopper race and sprained both knees, I can finally kneel down (gingerly) without getting stabbing pains. The muscles still feel a bit tender when I bend them to the extremes but they do seem to have mostly recovered.
Working on it

Minor update

In the past week, I've:
  • Rebuilt Fenchurch's rear hubs to eliminate the oil leaks.
  • Rebuilt Fenchurch's rear hubs to eliminate the oil leaks. Yes, again. The second time I used loads of liquid gasket sealant on everything (belt and braces), and also fitted a couple of spacers in the hubs to move the seals in by about 1/16" so they're running on unworn sections of the axle. Fingers crossed that this has cured it (I had a quick look underneath today and couldn't see any oil on the brake backplates).
  • Fitted the electronic ignition module and reset the ignition timing. Since then I've been gradually advancing the timing slightly every time I go out. When I eventually find the point where it starts pinking under heavy acceleration I'll back it off a bit. The tickover is quite a bit smoother since fitting the electronic ignition, and tuning the timing has caused a noticeable increase in available power.
  • Fitted a mysterious security device that I probably shouldn't talk about in public (you know, security through obscurity ;).
  • Fitted my stereo, radio aerial, and a pair of speakers. This was rather more difficult than on a modern car because you not only have to install the wiring from scratch but you also have to figure out suitable locations for everything and make custom brackets to hold it all. But it's done now and I can again listen to MP3 CDs and watch the pretty spectrum analyser display as I drive along. :)
  • Repaired the electric garage door which dropped a metal pin on Fenchurch's roof and then refused to open (the pin was there to prevent the counterbalance spring unwinding itself).
  • Gave her a good wash. You can tell I'm not dawdling by the vast number of flies that were splattered across the front end. This also demonstrated that I've yet to fix all the leaks.
  • Made the instrument panel, plumbed in the oil pressure gauge, fitted the water temperature sender, and wired up the ammeter and the rev counter. Tomorrow's first jobs will be to put a final coat of varnish on the panel, make a 10V voltage regulator to power the temperature gauge, then finish putting the panel together.

I believe I'm still on track to finish preparing for the LEO tomorrow providing nothing major goes wrong.