June 24th, 2007

Hijinks Ensue

A pointless observation

I was just considering under what circumstances I could be persuaded to attend a church service, and it occurred to me that in my life I've been to one christening, two wedding ceremonies, and roughly ten funerals.
Working on it

Minor update

In the past week I've painted Fenchurch's engine bay blue and her wheel arches black using brushed Smoothrite, cleaned up the woodwork some more, stripped the cracked primer off the front panel, re-filled the dents in the front panel, and done yet more flatting down.

It was a bit of a tricky job to wash the paint off the wood where it had leaked under the edge of the masking tape without damaging the painted bodywork that butts right up against it (I used cotton buds dipped in cellulose thinners), and you can still see a blue tinge to the wood if you look closely. After reading on the MMOC forum that freshly squeezed neat lemon juice works better at bleaching the wood than Oxalic acid, I decided to try it myself to see if it could do anything to the few remaining stubborn stains. The effect was pretty negligible. Before I left tonight, I applied Ash-coloured wood filler to a couple of dents and some holes on the rear posts where accessory lights used to be fitted.