June 17th, 2007

Working on it

Minor update

For those of you who only read the public face of this journal: there is a reason why I haven't posted an update on Fenchurch's restoration for several weeks, but I don't want to write about it just yet. For those who know what I'm talking about: the situation is still not resolved but it's delayed the restoration for so long already that I've decided to carry on with the work.

As such, I sprayed the topcoats on the body shell yesterday:
Fenchurch's body shell after spraying
It doesn't look quite so good up close - lots of orange peel ripples to polish out, a couple of small runs, and the edges where the wood meets the metal are a bit rough. It does feel good to have made some visible progress again.

Now that I've finally got the masking paper off, I decided to try starting the engine again. The needle valve in the carb had stuck closed due to lack of use thus preventing any fuel from getting to the engine, but it was an easy fault to find and she fired up straight away when that was sorted.