June 9th, 2007

Hijinks Ensue

What I'm looking forward to at Year of the Teledu

tregenza asks what are you looking forward to at Year of the Teledu?

Well, apart from the items I'm running and generally having fun with friends old and new, I'm looking forward to both Inconsequential - When We Were Young, about one of the very first FunCons, and Something Wiki This Way Comes, about Teledu and its experimental idea of organising the con in an Open Source manner via a public Wiki (a Bazaar of fans vs the Cathedral model of traditional committee-run cons).

It's not too late to join, but you'd better be quick because the hotel is very close to running out of bedrooms.
Hijinks Ensue


That was my favourite Doctor Who since The Empty Child. A strong intelligent protagonist, clever plot, genuinely scary enemy, and not a sonic screwdriver in sight. More like that, please.