April 5th, 2007

Hijinks Ensue

Contemplation report 0 - Thursday

I've done the packing for the trip to Eastercon unusually early for me - I'm not leaving until tomorrow morning, and it's virtually finished already. I was surprised to find that everything fitted into my rucksack with only a bit of pushing and squeezing, and I was even able to get it fastened. Then I remembered that I haven't packed my pillow yet (a neck problem means that hotel pillows are nearly always unusably thick for me). I think some of the Beyond Cyberdrome stuff will have to come back out and go into a carrier bag instead, but I can sort that out in the morning. I'm not bringing that pile of Foundation books home again on the train.

ETA: I repacked the rucksack, filled up my coat pockets with everything I could stuff into them, said the magic word[1] a few times, and it magically all fit except for the box of stationary supplies, which I've strapped to the top of my rucksack using the mesh of bungee cords that I've never found a use for until now.

Like last year, reports may be posted intermittently from now on because the Crowne Plaza's wireless Internet access is ludicrously expensive.

[1] "goinyerbugger"