March 11th, 2007

Working on it

Minor update

In the past week I've:

  • Very thoroughly washed and dried all the woodwork to get rid of any remaining bleach.
  • Sanded all the wood one final time (it did make a slight difference - it seems some of the remaining stains were right on the surface).
  • Tried to remove the aluminium side panels so I could respray them off the vehicle and renew the sealant between the panels and the wood. Long story - after examining them I decided it wasn't possible to take them out without pulling the whole back end of the vehicle to pieces, but then due to a misunderstanding over what I meant by "without dismantling the wood frame" somebody else convinced me that it is possible to take them out. I am now able to categorically state after a lot of wasted effort that you can take out the rear side panels while the wood frame is still attached to the vehicle, but not the front ones because there are various inaccessible screws holding them to the wood.
  • Cleaned up the back window channels and unblocked the drain holes.
  • Treated all the wood with lots of Cuprinol clear wood preservative.
  • Took the rest of the old paint off the back of the front panel. In places it was coated in etch-primer, grey primer, green cellulose, red oxide, thick black underseal type stuff, and bright red enamel. Of those the red oxide was by far the worst to remove - even chemical paint stripper barely softened it.
  • Filled a dent in the front panel.
  • Rust-killed and zinc-primered the front panel.
  • Removed the old cylinders from my Riley front brakes and washed all the mud off to get rid of the entertaining "farmyard" smell that was permeating the office.

I decided to take a chance on those other brakes I mentioned - the ones I suspect are from a Wolseley 1500. They went for £20 more than the Rileys I bought, but that's still a fairly good price, and the Wolseleys have the advantage that they only need a small alteration to the mounting holes in the backplate in order to use the same cylinders as the standard Minor brakes, which cost much less than the (rare) original type. Now I just need to make my mind up about which set to use on Fenchurch and what to do with the spare set...