February 18th, 2007

Working on it

Minor update

I now understand why people say that 90% of the work of respraying a car to a decent standard is in the preparation. This past week I've spent many hours working on Fenchurch's driver's door, sanding out the rust-spots, rust-killing, zinc-priming, filling, sanding (repeat the last two steps over and over until it's perfect), fine-surface-filling, more sanding with several grades of paper to get it really smooth, another coat of zinc-primer, and finally flatting it down. Apart from drilling the door-mirror mounting holes and doing a little bit more fine-surface-filling (annoyingly some of the pinholes in the filler only become visible when you paint over them), it's finally ready for me to spray the grey high-build primer and topcoat on it. The filler has hid the seam very well - I think you'd have to open the door and examine the back edges to tell that the bottom has been replaced - but I'm really glad it's the only panel that needs a lot of filling. Hopefully preparing the rest of the panels and the body shell itself is going to be easy in comparison to the front wings and driver's door.

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