February 15th, 2007

In office chair

A daunting journey

I'm heading off by bus this morning to the People's Republic of Boltonia to look at an exotic piece of internetworking hardware. If I don't make it out again, divide my stuff amongst yourselves.

The journey took three hours each way including waiting around for buses, and the walk from Bolton bus station to the ex-mill the networking kit was in. Considering Bolton is only 25 miles away from Burnley, that's an average of not much better than 8MPH. I really need to get Fenchurch on the road soon...

Here's a picture of a couple of gasometers in Bolton:

Worryingly they looked like they were about to collapse in a pile of rust, and there was a faint whiff of leaking gas in the area.
Morris Minor, Fenchurch


Remember the door I recently welded a new bottom on? I just dropped it from bench-height while turning it around to spray zinc-primer on the other side. It fell straight down like a guillotine blade.

Morris Minor door one, laminate flooring nil.

At least I have proof now that my welding is sound :)