Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Posh welly success

10:00 I (just) managed to get Lintilla up the lane to the top road, which has been gritted so is fairly OK to drive on. I didn't think the delivery driver would be willing to attempt driving down the lane (Royal Mail deliveries have stopped), so I called UPS to arrange to meet the driver in the local town. Light snow continued to fall on and off, and a couple of tractors drove up and down the lane.

12:30 we got a call to say the driver was in town and could we come and meet him straight away? I had been hoping to get rather more notice than that, but I optimistically promised to be there "in about ten minutes" and sped up the lane. Unfortunately that little bit of extra snow combined with the traffic compacting the fresh snow down to slippier hard stuff meant that I wasn't quite able to get Lintilla to the top of the steep bit. Worse, when I tried to reverse back down the hill so that I could go down and into town the slightly easier but much longer way, she slid sideways and jammed between the banks of the track. I couldn't get her un-jammed without assistance so I dashed back to the house to borrow G's Land Rover, which had a flat tyre that I had to pump up before we could set off.

13:15 we made it in the Landy to the rendezvous with the now rather ticked-off driver, who would already have left and taken my arctic wellies away with him, if not for wibble_puppy's amazing powers of persuasion over the phone ("he hasn't got anything to keep his poor little soggy feet warm in the snow").

13:30 we got back to the house to find that somebody (presumably the lovely local farmer) had already towed Lin down to a wider bit of the track. I'm hoping he was more amused than annoyed by the incident.

So I have my fancy wellies, they fit nicely and feel comfortable, and it's still snowing outside. I'm going to grab a bite of lunch and then go outside to play! :)
Tags: weather

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