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Bigger hammer

Cold feet

The past few days my feet have been suffering when out in the snow (one of my toes has gone red and puffy). Eventually I broke down and ordered some fancy expensive arctic survival wellies. The UPS tracking web page says they are on their way this morning. Wonder what the chances are of the delivery van getting down the steep un-gritted track in the heavy snow? :-/


12 noon: "Right, I've ordered my Arctic Wellies."
1.30: "Why aren't my wellies here yet?"

Well I just got a mail delivery so parcels seem to be getting through, although my magazine subscription hasn't arrived today which generally comes on a Tuesday.
It's OK down in the towns where the roads get regularly gritted and there's lots of traffic, the problem is that we're part way down a steep track that is so minor it doesn't even have a name (the address is "[house name], [nearest village], [county], [postcode]"). The council dumped a few piles of grit at the side of the lane a couple of weeks ago but it's a bit pointless going out and spending hours spreading it by hand when there's still fresh snow falling and covering it up again. A 4WD/quad bike/tractor is pretty much essential when it gets like this, unless you're prepared to leave your car at the top of the hill and walk about a mile down to the house.
Don't they have Welsh Ponies for that sort of thing?
Oh dear! The delivery man has made it as far as the local town, but can't get any further. Alex's car couldn't make it up the hill into town. Griff and Alex now saddling up Daisy to try and rescue the car and get to the rendezvous. Cross your fingers for the safe arrival of the wellies! :0