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Hijinks Ensue

Very windy here

A loud crash at 2AM signalled the departure of another wall of the room I'm sleeping in, or rather the big plywood sheet that was blocking the window opening in the front wall. Luckily it wasn't too cold, and I was able to sleep through the rattling, rustling and thumping of the plastic tarp that is (sort of) covering the missing back wall. On the positive side I got a nice view of the sunrise.


Wow. I wonder if you're getting gusts of some of our wind storms? ;)

Good conditions to test a sleeping bag in?
Yes, I've been using the sleeping bag since I moved down to the living room. I've just been clearing the soot and rubble out of the bedroom so I can hopefully move back tonight! :)
What you need is some of those mythical creatures that live in chimneys and eat the soot. Or something.

I read about them in a book; you must be able to order them on the internet or something ;)