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Bigger hammer

Caravan thoughts part 4: rough sketch

Here's a sketch I did a while ago to get across the kind of style I have in mind for my self-build caravan.

It's a quick and dirty freehand drawing; the proportions and many of the details are wrong (ignore the wheels and the joints).

The upper half will lower down over the bottom half (using a hand-winch and cables - not detailed in this sketch) to reduce the towing height. Both halves will have an externally-visible timber frame (probably made from seasoned european oak with proper woodworking joints). The frame infill panels will probably be made from western red cedar T&G or shiplap. Some of the upper panels will contain fixed Perspex windows instead. My current thinking on the roof covering is that a sheet of polythene DPM (for waterproofing), then aluminium foil (for insulation), then vinyl flooring (a single sheet over the whole roof), and finally a coat or two of bituminous roof paint might work well.

I've since done a drawing that has the correct proportions, but I want to redraw it before I post it up because I've changed several important details.


this is insane but wonderful :)
Thank you; I aim to please. :)
What a huge idea. Even though this seems simple in concept, coming up with it seems just impressive to me.
Thanks; I considered and discarded a lot of different ideas before settling on this one. There were lots of details involved in figuring out how to make it (just) big enough inside for a bed and a kitchen with enough headroom, while being small enough outside to tow easily.
I love this drawing.
Wonky lines and all. ;)
We like wonky. Wonky is the new Shiny.
Feels gypsy-caravan-ish
That wasn't actually what I was aiming for, but I agree it turned out that way a little. Later, more accurate versions of the design have a much less steeply rounded roof, and the ratio of width to height is different, which probably makes it look less like a gipsy caravan. I don't think it will be elaborately decorated either. I'm not planning to paint the woodwork at all - I might just oil it to stop it going grey.
Looks super - Minoresque!