Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Caravan thoughts part 3: The dummy caravan

Here are some photos of a 'dummy caravan' I built to check that the dimensions used in the design will be practical.

It's set up the correct distance from the back of Lintilla. The top of the breeze blocks is roughly the height of the caravan roof when towing. The planks at the sides are the distance between the outside of the wheels; the actual walls of the caravan will be a bit closer in. The black plank at the back is roughly where the back of the caravan will come to.

The internal layout; as you can see most of it will be taken up by the bed. The door will be in the middle of the back wall, and the kitchen units will be at the sides of the kitchen area.

The rear-view mirror from the drivers seat, confirming that you will indeed be able to see over it when towing (though it does partially obscure the view).
Tags: caravan, engineering, photos

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