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Back in Wales

We got the trailer-tent chassis back from the Lakes OK. We stayed in Eskdale Youth Hostel on Monday night, which involved towing it along quite a bit of single track road to get to the hostel, then yesterday morning we brought it out again via Hardknott Pass and Wrynose Pass. This was a slightly bonkers thing to do, particularly with the large number of tourists also driving up and down the very steep winding single-track road (and parking in passing-places!), but we made it through without too much trouble. I was worried about reversing due to my limited towing experience, but I didn't seem any worse at reversing with the trailer than some of the cars without trailers that we encountered coming the other way!

It turned out to be a mistake to tie the trailer board on with gardening wire because one side snapped while going up a steep bit of Hardknott Pass, then despite my adding a lot more loops of wire the other side snapped when we were nearly home.

On the way up to the Lakes we stopped for lunch in Ironbridge and discovered an unusual shop that sells only useful well-made things. I bought a good quality pocket knife made by Taylor's Eye Witness and a very nice pencil sharpener. They have a website, though it looks like not quite everything in the physical shop is available online. http://www.objectsofuse.com/

Coming back we went out of our way to stop at the excellent Tebay Services/Westmorland Farm Shop. I bought a 3 1/2" tall cheese grater called Alexander the Grater which I intend to modify slightly so that it will fit into the cutlery drawer of my food bucket. [I thought I had already written a LJ entry about the Bucket but I can't find it - it's a plywood box with compartments and cupboards and carrying handles etc. that I built to carry my food around when camping and hostelling.]


My cleaner asked for me to get something so she can clean cobwebs away - I might point her at http://www.objectsofuse.com/products/clean/ and ask her to choose. Tee hee.
The feather dusters were lovely things.
I thought the tiny astronaut harmonica was very cool. :)
Uber-cool but I can't see how you could play it in space. Surely the visor on your helmet would get in the way?

In space no-one can hear you play the harmonica...thankfully.
Brilliant, a shop that still thinks it's 1955. I thought a lot of that stuff was no longer available. I haven't seen Golden Gum, or those drawing pins in the blue and yellow box, for years.
Wow what a trip. Sounds bonkers all right. I think you should get a medal (or committed) for braving tourist traffic!

Love the sound of the caravan though, and I am sure I would enjoy shopping with you guys.

And I would love to hear about your food bucket. That sort of solution is something everyone seems to do a little differently.
That sounds fabulous and yes bonkers!

I did those passes in September 1995 on the way back from Worldcon, and it was wet and low clouds and one of the scariest drives I've ever done ... in a modern car. I bow to your superior driving skills!

And that shop sounds fabulous too!
Thanks! :)
I'm sure you posted an entry on "the bucket" as I'm sure I've seen a photo with the cutlery drawer and everything ...

... you got Wib's bucket dimensions on September 19th 2008 in the "the magician's luggage caused my car to fail the MOT" post. So it was sometime after that ...
That's weird, I can't find any trace of it now. I wonder if I posted a photo as a comment on somebody else's post. I think I'll just do a new entry about it once I've collected enough Round Tuits!