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Bigger hammer

The next crazy project

I appear to have fitted a towbar to Lintilla and bought the chassis from a scrap trailer tent on eBay. wibble_puppy and I are heading up to Cumbria today to collect it. There are Insane Plans forming in my brain for a tiny half-timbered folding caravan.

I bought a trailer bar in the local car accessories shop, but they wouldn't make me a number plate because I didn't have the necessary paperwork with me. Half an hour (ish) with a yellow plastic coal sack, a Sharpie and a roll of gaffer tape and I had saved myself £15:


Yer mad thing! Is that, er, device even legal?

And does the photo suggest that you have lost a bit more weight? Don't they feed you in Wales?

I really really like the sound of the insane plans. I'm having some myself.
Yes he has, and we try to! but he prefers to feed himself. We did cram him full of roast chicken and roast potatoes last night, though :)

Looking forward to hearing about your Insane Plans :)
The Insane Plans involve the hiking poles that I discussed with Alex a while back, Linnie, my nieces (the teenage ones, not the 4-year-olds) and efficient packing.

REALLY Insane.

But maybe possible.
*sings* You've got to have insane dreams, if you don't have insane dreams, how you gonna have an insane dream come troooooooo? :D
Yup, that's pretty much how it is!

So, I am not planning on hiking the Appalachian Trail, or the Bicentennial Trail.

But, maybe something a *little* smaller might be possible if suitably spread out. And terrain chosen carefully. And so on.

(My definition of a little smaller is pretty stretchy!)
The number plate? Possibly not (officially the yellow background should be reflective), but it's close enough that it will do for now. The letters are about the right size/shape because I traced them from the car's number plate.

I don't think I've lost weight in the past couple of months. I lost a couple of pounds before then (not intentionally - I'm trying to remain roughly stable).
It's so neat, I wondered if it was traced. But in a good sort of way - "Alex is resourceful; it's the sort of thing he'd think of"! That is cool.

I'm looking forward to watching what happens with the rest of it now!
Ok, a folding caravan IS insane, but it would be very cool. My tent was bigger than most people's vans / caravans at Glasto (not the motorhomes, obviously) but I would still be jealous of your caravan.

I like your cunning device, but you had better get a real numberplate as soon as you can. That said, we see lots of cars pulling trailers on other plates, I'm sure a lot of people aren't legal - whether the police can be bothered to stop them I don't know.
Ok, a folding caravan IS insane, but it would be very cool.

I'm imagining something concertina'ed that unfolds from out of a wallet, or something like that!

Probably with a remote control device somewhere. Oh wait, Alex's family already has a remote controlled caravan. That's old hat!
Half timbered folding caravan, why not go the whole way and give it a thatched roof?
Or maybe a turf roof... ;)
In which case don't forget the lawnmower
The lawnmower is a story for another LJ post...
Nah, just tether a goat behind ;)