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Working on it


What I've been up to in the past couple of weeks, in brief:

  • I did a few bits of welding and replacement of steering rack gaiters etc. on Lintilla; as a result she passed her MOT with only one advisory.
  • I finished putting up my new shed, refurbished a large wooden outdoor storage box, and promptly filled them both with stuff.
  • I finished moving out of the Nelson office (there must have been at least 15-20 Minor vanloads of stuff, plus a few trailers full of rubbish/recycling).
  • I caught a chest infection of some sort.


Progress indeed! A massive well done on all of the achievements, that was extremely hard work. I'm not surprised you've succumbed to some kind of leprous lurgy after all the effort - feel better soon :)

(((((((many hugs and much lemsip)))))))
Thank you oh lovely one. :)
That office sounds like the Tardis of Doom - glad you've finished with it! Did the shed take all the stuff, and do you have any space left to Get In There?
The office/workshop was a pretty decent size and packed with stuff. Nowhere near all of it fit into the new shed - the garage is also pretty full, and there's a huge stack of boxes in the back bedroom. Sometime soon I need to do a lot of re-organising because I'd eventually like to be able to put a car in the garage again. There's another shed which I've been working on emptying because I want to turn it into a small workshop.

These pictures show part of the room, not long after I'd started removing stuff from it (I think a couple of van-loads had already gone):

There were also a couple of dismantled Morrie engines in the garage downstairs.
So... this was your office, and all your equipment... but you were working for a company? Looks equipped for a siege!

Good to hear you got the job done though. I know you've been mentioning it for quite a while.

Hope you recover decently. I know I have a tendency to get sick after doing something big, after I've held myself together to get through it or something like that.
It's a long and complicated story. At the time when I decided to go from working at home to renting an office, I was working part time for an IT consultancy and part time trying to start a small-scale electronics manufacturing business. In the beginning I paid half of all the costs myself and the consultancy paid the other half. I was still paying half the rent when the consultancy went bust even though I had moved to working for them full time (they had taken over the electricity bill though, which was pretty astronomical). It was really useful to me having a nice big well-lit workshop with plenty of storage, and I'll miss that now that I've had to move out.
Wow, yes. Workspace is wonderful. I am busy not thinking about the likelihood of having to move later in the year, as this may induce a similar problem.
No, that's his office and about *half* his equipment...