Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Made it!

My walk up Pendle Hill today was a success. :)

No problems with my knee, and the weather was perfect for me - dry, warm rather than hot, some cloud cover, and a slight breeze. My navigation went a bit wrong twice; the first time when the path disappeared so I followed the course of a stream instead, which involved a bit of trudging through bogs (the path rejoined the stream a bit further on), and the second time when the directions said to follow an apparently non-existent footpath across a field. Since I was already down from the hill by that point I decided to ignore the last bit and just follow the tarmac road back to Barley instead.

I took my Garmin eTrex GPS with me, as well as my ordinary magnetic compass and the appropriate OS Explorer map. I found it quite handy to be able to check using the GPS that I was in the right place when the directions mentioned a grid reference. I would be able to tell you how far I walked and my average speed, but unfortunately its batteries ran out before I got back to the car! (they were quite old)

I had my picnic lunch near this interesting stone structure, presumably a former shepherd's shelter:

What I'd like to do next is a bit of walking and camping up in the Yorkshire Dales. I've been browsing the walks in my as-yet-unused copy of Wainwright's Walks in Limestone Country. Maybe even one of the three peaks (Ingleborough, Whernside or Penyghent).
Tags: fitness

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