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Morris Minor, Fenchurch

Minor update

One of my tasks once Odyssey is out of the way is going to be to do some maintenance on Fenchurch. She's been neglected resting in dry storage for about a year, after having been stored outside and driven virtually daily in all weathers for the couple of years prior to then. She has a current MOT and runs OK apart from a bit of smoking on overrun. Mechanically she needs new rear springs and new suspension bushes all round (already in stock). The main things she needs though are to give her a full service, re-treat the woodwork to preserve it, touch up the many paint chips, and redo the anti-rust wax treatment underneath.

Currently she is resting peacefully in a secret secure location somewhere in Wales:

Let's take a closer peek.

Why yes, that is an Acrow Prop... Holding up the massive oak beam that is supporting (what remains of) the upper floor of the building!

(There was previously a big wooden post supporting the end of the beam, but it has been removed in order to gain better access to repair the wall. And because the end of it was rotten.)


I wonder what your insurers will make of it when the acros give way and Fen is squelched flat. It would be good if that happens before you do all the fettling work, rather than after. Perhaps they will pay out for you to get a real Morris Minor[1]! :D

[1] viz: a VAN :D