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Working on it

Snowed in

Spot the Morris Minor:

My latest construction project was a wood shed (for storing firewood logs). I built it from scrap palettes, floorboards, and corrugated iron salvaged from the roof of a defunct goat shed. The gaps in the walls are deliberate to allow air to circulate freely around the split logs and dry them out.

(Photo taken a couple of days ago)

(Photo taken this morning)

It's complete apart from treating the timbers with wood preservative and filling it with logs. It looks rather worn and scrappy due to the materials used, which fits in really well with the other outbuildings. wibble_puppy said, "it looks like it's always been there." The big shed in the background of this picture has very similar proportions as well as wooden walls and a rusty corrugated iron roof:

I took this photo yesterday, before the latest batch of heavy snow. You should be able to spot the wood shed if you click through to the enlarged version:

My next project is going to be a string-operated wooden door latch. Apparently these were common a few hundred years ago, before mass-produced forged iron latches.


We are such rubbish hosts that if you come to stay here you:

a) have to make (and I mean make, out of planks and stuff) your own bed

b) (if you are particular about washing) have to make a Rayburn out of a heap of scrap metal and rubble, and

c) (if you are fussy enough to actually want to be able to close the door of your room) have to whittle your own door latch.

Oh, and if you come to very kindly house-sit for a couple of days you get snowed in for two weeks. Bwahahahahaaaaaa
Terrible, aren't you!

Alex, is she saying that you actually made a stove? As in, built one? I love your projects!
No, not really, I just refurbished the existing Rayburn. I keep thinking though how great it would be to have a solid fuel stove in my new workshop. The trouble is the shed is so tiny that it would be totally impractical. Still very tempting though.
You forgot to mention that the log shed has a loft :D
As soon as the ground thaws I'm going out there to dig it a wine cellar!
Can't see any cars in first pic but that's an awesome car shaped snowman! Nice to see updates from you. I've always enjoyed your posts.
Thanks. I'm still reading LJ, just not posting and commenting much at the moment. I've been following your daily sharing posts with interest. :)
Cool! Love the shed and the fact that it fits in with surroundings. I remember reading about a sting-operated door latch in 'Little House on the Prairie'. I wonder if what you'll make will be much the same?
Yes, very similar. One difference is the direction the door opens means the latch has to be on the outside so it won't be possible to 'lock' the door from the inside by pulling the string through the hole. It will be more useful for locking people in! ;)

I've not read the LHotP books but I believe the Wibbly one is a fan.
You'd probably really appreciate the inventiveness of the pioneer families. Ma and Pa made all sorts of things, from soap to door latches. Seriously cool.