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I Crush Everything

Snake crackle and pop

My sewing machine's speed controller pedal just blew up. It was merrily purring and clattering away, when suddenly - bang! My foot was wreathed in a small cloud of smoke. Luckily it's sufficiently ancient that there are no complicated irreparable electronics inside. All that has happened is a big suppression capacitor exploded (one end is no longer attached to the body).

Until this minor setback I was making good progress with the door-snake making. I've filled the first inner snake with sand and stitched the end together, and made a test piece from scrap to experiment with the techniques I'm going to use to make the outer skins.

That is not one of the outer fabrics I'll be using. When I make the first real outer skin I'm going to try to round the ends more, and maybe stitch the tongue into the opposite end to the end that opens when you want to remove the inner for washing.


Hey that tongue looks *fabulous*! (I suspect anaemia, though, or possibly jaundice :P)

lol @ "All that has happened is a big suppression capacitor exploded". To me that reads as "All that has happened is CERN exploded". I'm sorry about the machine. Is your mum quietly smug, or loudly smug? ;)
If she was smug about the (temporary) demise of my sewing machine, she managed to hide it pretty well. :)
What sort of machine have you got? Am interested to hear about old ones. My main machine is a 1960 Necchi (from Italy) :)