Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Burning sand

I have just filled a turkey roasting tray with builders' sand and bunged it into my mum's oven on maximum heat. The reason for this madness is to dry it out before I stuff it into some door snakes (AKA door sausages) that I am making for wibble_puppy's draughty old farmhouse.

They are going to be high-class snakes, with eyes, tongues, and washable outer skins made from offcut remnants of expensive fabric. According to Wibble, the look we are aiming for is, "rich aunt gave us some scraps of fabric from her posh curtains." So far I have obtained all the materials and made one of the inners, with a small hole left in one end into which I'm planning to funnel the oven-dried sand. I also washed and tumble-dried the fabric I'm going to use for the outers, which caused a couple of them to wrinkle in interesting ways (I'm guessing they were probably supposed to be dry-clean-only).
Tags: sewing

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