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Burning sand

I have just filled a turkey roasting tray with builders' sand and bunged it into my mum's oven on maximum heat. The reason for this madness is to dry it out before I stuff it into some door snakes (AKA door sausages) that I am making for wibble_puppy's draughty old farmhouse.

They are going to be high-class snakes, with eyes, tongues, and washable outer skins made from offcut remnants of expensive fabric. According to Wibble, the look we are aiming for is, "rich aunt gave us some scraps of fabric from her posh curtains." So far I have obtained all the materials and made one of the inners, with a small hole left in one end into which I'm planning to funnel the oven-dried sand. I also washed and tumble-dried the fabric I'm going to use for the outers, which caused a couple of them to wrinkle in interesting ways (I'm guessing they were probably supposed to be dry-clean-only).


Add legs, and you will have dragons!
Good idea, and wings. A couple of the fabrics have a lot of gold in them - perhaps I should use that for their underbellies. :)
Can there be tiny flamethrowers sewn into their bellies so that we can flick a switch and have real fire-breathing? *thinks* actually, let's have the fire-breathing remotely controlled so we can scare the cats, and relations :D
Hmm, perhaps I could stuff them with black powder instead of sand...
... and use sparklers instead of tongues :D
Remote controlled jaw-opening, with sound effects?
Nice to see you're still active.

It seems you're keeping active!

The sand only needs a low heat (100 to 120 degrees C) for an hour or so (or if you have an Aga/Rayburn type cooker leave it in the bottom oven overnight) you only need to dry it out rather than sterilise it

In any case here's an early Happy Christmas. Take care
I'm doing a fairly large quantity of sand in one go so it's taking a while (I have turned it down to Gas Mark 4). I keep turning it over with a trowel every half an hour or so because it's drying unevenly. Baking it in Wibble's Rayburn overnight would be the ideal solution but unfortunately it's down in Wales and I'm not.

Thanks, happy Christmas to you too! :)
Mmm, sand pies!
Are they scaly or smooth fabrics?
Most are textured to some extent. One of them does look a bit scaly now since washing it. :)
I thought you'd got confused about the recipe for grits.
Following stevegreens's comment I'd say you could have made Dwarf Bread ;-) lol
I don't think the oven would get hot enough to forge dwarf-bread! ;)