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Hot new toy

This past week I restored another classic piece of technology from the 1960s: a Primus No. 5 camping stove that I picked up for £10.

Restored Primus No. 5 stove

See this article for the full story, with lots of pictures and a link to a video that will probably make for extremely dull viewing if you're not interested in old stoves! ;)


What a lovely piece of equipment.
Thank you! :)
Alex, your aptitude for fixing mechanical things never ceases to amaze me. That's a bloody good piece of restoration work.

(also, I'd never realised that there was a paraffin stove enthusiast community)


very nice! Are you planning on using it in the wild? I've promised the kids a weekend away camping with Molly (our Morris minor) and a retro stove would fit the bill quite nicely!

Yes, I'm planning on using it at the National next weekend! The consensus seems to be that it was manufactured sometime in the 60s, so it's nicely contemporary for a Morris Minor. :)
PS. Well done on the MOT passes!

I didn't know about the Classic Camping Stove community before I started searching for information on my stove, but I reckon I would have been more surprised if I *hadn't* found one somewhere on the net.
That is a thing of beauty.
I have a davey lamp that my mum's partner used to take down the mine in the days before electric lamps. I keep it on the fireplace, along with Grandma Skinner's copper kettle, a little cast iron and iron stand. I love them because they are real, not reproductions.

The kettle has a story, it was Grans everyday kettle, used on her stove every day. Until, during the War when it disappeared, no one knew where.
In the 1960's, my granddad, Perseverance Skinner took my cousin Neil out into the garden to dig for buried treasure. They dug up the kettle, Granddad had buried it, with a copper wire attaching it to the radiogram, to act as an earth. Why he couldn't have used some random bit of metal, why it had to be Gran's best kettle, we will never know!

Thank you. :)

It's brilliant when you know the family history behind an item like that. I think I can probably imagine the thought process that led to your Gran's kettle suffering a premature burial in order to provide better radio reception!
"Now we're cooking on vaporised paraffin" doesn't have quite the same ring as a marketing slogan, does it?
Extremely cool.

And shiny. So shiny. Your precious...?
I know! The bottom of the tank is like something from a fairground hall of mirrors. ;)
Yes. Except, the fairground hall of mirrors is not nearly as handy when camping :P
Har! Geeeeenius :D I love it - looks like a great job you did there, dude.

What nice clothes you are wearing in the video :) (Yes I watched the whole thing. Am still searching for that elusive Classic Paint-Drying Forum)