Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Two new Torchwood Wobblevision episodes

Way back in February I attended the Redemption SF convention, where I directed another episode of Torchwood Wobblevision. Slightly more recently in April I went to Eastercon LX and did it again. It's taken me until now to edit and caption the images from both episodes. I hope you enjoy the results:

S1E5: Small Worlds, Wobbled at Redemption 09.
S1E1: Everything Changes, Wobbled at Eastercon LX.

I've decided to give a special Wobbly award to ExMemSec for his part in this hair-raising scene
Alternative captions on a postcard, please. :)
Tags: cons, eastercon, fanac, lx, redemption, torchwood, wobblevision

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