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The Wall of Maps

Last night I covered one wall of the back bedroom with maps:
Wall of Maps
(Click for larger version)

The three maps show the route I took on the 2007 Land's End to Orkney (LEO) rally, the 2008 Around Ireland Rally (AIR), and the 2009 Minors In The Highlands Of Scotland (MITHOS) rally. Unfortunately I didn't draw a map of the 2008 LEO route at the time and I don't remember it in sufficient detail to do it now.

Here's the MITHOS 09 one by itself (route highlighted in orange; click to embiggen):
MITHOS 09 route map

Sorry the photos are so unclear; I've never had much success with photographing large sheet maps.

The three maps show different route-planning philosophies. LEO 2007 (slightly better photo) shows me driving down to Land's End under my own steam, adding in a few frills along the way but nothing too major, then we travelled as a convoy by the fastest and easiest route all the way up to Orkney, then I returned to Burnley by myself over again a somewhat longer and more scenic route. AIR 2008 I had planned in detail in advance, intending it to be a rally with the definite purpose of circumnavigating Ireland. We did travel by a pretty scenic route often using secondary roads, but we didn't usually divert very far from the plan.

MITHOS 09 looks pretty bonkers in comparison: we did big loops around several areas of the highlands, and because wibble_puppy and I were mostly travelling by ourselves and we both have the same attitude to navigating in scenic areas ("ooh, let's see what's down this little road") we frequently left the obvious route on huge detours (often along single track roads) just for the hell of it. :)