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Hijinks Ensue

Exhaust bodge

Here's a photo of the bodge I carried out to hold Lin's silencer together and prevent it falling off after the pipe fractured where it exits the back of the silencer.

I knew the exhaust mountings were on the way out before I set off but I didn't have time to replace them. Since setting off, the manifold to downpipe joint has repeatedly come loose, and the mad detour on the Land Rover track did for the silencer.

Luckily at home I have a good spare stainless exhaust that Wanderinstar gave me so Lin's existing exhaust only has to stay on until we get back from Scotland. It's a bit noisy and I have to wedge my torch under the wire that comes up through the passenger floor but so far it still seems to be holding securely! :D
Exhaust bodge


Every time you post one of these marvellous bodges I am impressed anew by your skill and ingenuity. I'm beginning to think that you are wasted in computing - the world needs more creative engineers like you.

I'm glad to hear you've had a great holiday too. :)
Thanks a lot! The bodge got us home without needing to be touched. :D
looking good there - you should keep it!

Nice to see the Bodgerigars are alive and well up north.

Just out of interest what wire did you use nad what is the white plate? (just so I can get some in stock!)

I always carry some of this stuff around (QuickSteel)


I used it to re-fit one of Molly's exhaust manifold studs - infact its still there! Its good for sticking in radiator holes too


ah metal plate and gardening wire - keep up Rupert!