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Hijinks Ensue

Last Saturday

I started writing this entry on the Armadale to Mallaig ferry taking us off Skye back to the mainland and continued it on the passenger ferry from Mallaig to the isle of Eigg. I suspect I may not be able to post it until I get back to the mainland in a couple of days. [ETA:] still got a decent phone signal on the ferry so I've managed to post it before Eigg. :)

Last Saturday was a well-earned rest day for us. We spent it in a pretty little "log cabin" (well, tongue and groove plank cabin might be more accurate) at Glen Coe independent Hostel. It was a gorgeous place. I've attached a photo of Lintilla in the car park. I was pretty tired and Wibble was recouperating after the past few days so we did as little as possible. I bodged Lintilla's silencer with metal plates and gardening wire, and went to the local shop. In the evening we went for a wander around the site and found an old bus (photo in a separate post).

The cabin was excellent and very cheap. Neither of us wanted to leave. Hopefuly we'l get back there some time.
Last Saturday


Eigg is a wonderful place to stay - many happy holiday memories!! Loving your photos :)