Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Last Thursday

The morning before we left the Lazy Crofter was when I spent ages writing about the previous two days, then got distracted by another hosteller and accidentally hit the cancel button, which causes the LJ Windows Mobile client to immediately discard everything you've written without asking if you really want to do that first. Grrr.

The first place we visited was Smoo Cave, which was pretty cool. After lunch we visited Strathy Point and saw the lighthouse and the coast around it. The photo shows me using my telescope to look at some birds nesting on a small island. Wibble thought they might be Cormorants. We also saw a mad sheep scratching itself so hard against a fence post that it looked like it was nearly cutting itself in half. Next we went on to Dunnet Head (the northernmost point of the mainland, with an excellent view of the Orkneys), before stopping briefly at John O' Groats just to say we'd been there. I bought a block of Orkney Fudge, which later melted in my pocket!

The last thing we went to see that day (having had to skip Duncansby Head due to time pressing on) was the Grey Cairns of Camster (rhymes with Hamster), where we were able to crawl inside the ancient burial mounds. Wibble said they were very peaceful and she would have liked to sleep in one. Not sure if that had anything to do with the knock on the head she sustained while crawling through the entrance tunnel! :)

We got in to the Helmsdale hostel (formerly SYHA, recently turned independent) fairly late and very tired. I had a couple of Lorne sausages for dinner but made a mess of cooking them and incinerated one side!
Last Thursday

Tags: holiday, lintilla, mithos, morris minor, photos

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