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Hijinks Ensue

Last Wednesday

After packing Lin we wandered around Garenin for a while. The attached photo shows a part of the next bay south of Garenin. It really is a beautiful location, especially with the weather we had. When the museum opened we had a quick look around (it's very small) before heading back to Stornoway to catch the ferry to Ullapool back on the mainland.

Wibble had a bit of an ME blip on the ferry and slept through most of it, while I listened to podcasts, did gift shopping, ate expensive cheese and crackers, and looked at navy ships through my telescope.

Back on the mainland we drove up to Durness through fabulous mountain scenery, via a long scenic coastal diversion. We popped in to have a look at Achmelvich Beach YH as we went past. It looked like a pretty enough place if white sandy shell beaches are your thing... ;)

We were both pretty tired by the time we checked into the Lazy Crofter hostel. Our room had a two bed bunk in it that took up about 75% of the floor space, so not much room left for our luggage! :) It was a clean, modern, tidy place in a small village with a beach on the north coast.
Last Wednesday