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Hijinks Ensue

Last Tuesday

I've got rather behind on my holiday blogging because I lost a long post with two full days of stuff in it, and I've been too busy enjoying myself to try to catch up. I'm going to try to do a few short posts now with a photo and a bit of commentary on each day.

Last tuesday, after making my last post way back in Rhenigidale, we went and successfully got petrol, then headed up the east side of Lewis to Stornoway, which was rather too touristy for me, especially after the few days we had just spent in much quieter rural parts of the Western Isles. We had some excellent fish and chips for lunch there, then crossed over to Garenin on the west coast via a particularly undulating road across the Black Moor.

Garenin Youth Hostel is in a traditional Black House in a little preserved village with a museum and a few holiday cottages. I've attached a photo of Wibble in the middle of it. After bagging our bunks we headed down to have a look at Dun Carloway Iron Age Broch, then the Callanish Standing Stones. I was very impressed by the stonework of the broch. Wibble's enjoyment of the standing stones was spoilt rather by a group of foghorn-voiced Tourists. Finally we headed further on down through some gorgeous scenery to sit overlooking a golden beach and eat Wibble's birthday box of chocolates.

Back at the hostel I built and lit my first coal fire. The place was pretty much full but it didn't feel too crowded. After supper we went and wandered along the beach, which was covered with curiously rounded stones in bands of several different sizes. We had to make up our bunks in the dark when we got back because another hosteller had already gone to bed. :)
Last Tuesday