Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Minor update

This week I fixed Fenchurch's brakes. I've fitted a rebuilt master cylinder (it was unused but the rubber seals had gone sticky with age), new wheel cylinders, pipes, flexible hoses, shoes, springs, screws, adjusters, silicone brake fluid, and other sundries. This was a lot of work, hence I haven't got anything else done. Highlights included improvising a puller to remove the way too tight rear hubs, finding I didn't have the right size spanner for the rear hub nuts and some of the bolts I'd bought were the wrong size, fitting the !@#$!$ beehive springs on the rear brakes, partially dismantling the right hand front suspension to remove the torsion bar (it was in the way of the master cylinder bolts, plus I need to do some welding to the crossmember it attaches to), and fitting the #$!!@#! brake pedal return spring and the master cylinder (they go inside a narrow hole in the floor under the driver's feet - definitely a job where smaller hands would have been an advantage).

Fenchurch now Goes and Stops. The next job is finishing off the under-body welding, then reassembling the suspension.

The new tyres arrived this week - the delay was partly because the (Scottish) supplier sent them direct from Germany, and partly because they got my address wrong.
Tags: fenchurch, morris minor

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