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Rhenigidale YH

I'm writing this from the bench outside the Rhenigidale YH. The attached photo shows what I am seeing right now. Wibble has just sat down next to me to drink her tea. The birds are singing loudly and it's looking like being another hot day (we really needed the sun block yesterday!).

The only thing spoiling this hostel slightly for me is that it is full of walkers. It would be idyllic if we had the place to ourselves. The road you take to get to it is incredible, but I wouldn't recommend it for cyclists unless super-fit. We recorded a video of the drive, so watch out for that when I get back home.

After yesterday's update we spent the day pottering about the wonderful winding single track lanes of east Harris. [ooh, just got my first Hebridean midge bite] We had lunch in a small café overlooking a bay, where I had my first Lorne Sausage butty (very tasty). Later on, we visited the Harris Hotel to see JM Barrie's autograph scratched on a window pane (Wibble is a huge Barrie fan) and struggled to take photos of scratches on a pane of glass behind a glass cover with a mirror behind it. The receptionist was incredibly helpful and tolerant of the mad people.

After that excitement we went on to Luskentyre Beach, an incredibly long yellow sand and sea affair - not really my cup of tea but I enjoyed paddling in the water. Wibble just interjected to say "tell the_magician it made Inch Strand look like a sand pit." ;)

Stupidly I didn't fill up with petrol when I had a chance yesterday afternoon, and the ferry company told us we couldn't carry a spare can, so we're now in the middle of nowhere with the gauge almost showing empty (it jumped from 1/3 full to nearly empty in the space of 10 miles). I'm not sure how much reserve capacity Lin has because I've never really tested it (I've driven Fenchurch 40 miles on empty before now!). We plan to drive as efficiently as possible back to the last place we saw a petrol station and fill up there. Hopefully my next post won't be about how I spent all morning walking 10 miles in the baking sun with a petrol can! :D

There's no signal here so I'll post this later on when I can.

Update: petrol obtained (there was probably a couple of litres left in the tank). :)
Rhenigidale YH

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