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Hijinks Ensue

Ferry to Harris

I'm writing this on the ferry from Berneray to Leverburgh on Harris. The skies are clear blue, the sun is glittering on the calm water, and we are surrounded by the small craggy peaks of the Hebridean islands.

People keep asking me about Lin. As the ferry was leaving, one of the crew rushed up to me wearing a serious expression. "It was 1971," he said, "I passed my test in one of these." :)

The Berneray hostel was fantastic. Cosy, friendly atmosphere, very cheap, reasonable facilities, not too crowded, in an absolutely gorgeous location. I've attached a photo of Wibble on the beach that was right outside the bedroom window.

I noticed yesterday afternoon that Lin's exhaust had worked loose at the manifold (maybe something to do with clonking the silencer on a sand dune!) so I re-made the joint before we set off this morning. There are a couple of other things that could do with looking at when I get a chance, but overall she's running wonderfully considering how little time I had to work the bugs out after getting her back on the road.

Wibble is writing postcards. She says I should tell you I got sand in my eyebrows when we were walking on the beach last night. :)
Ferry to Harris


Bugger - if I'd realised you were going to be on Berneray, I would have suggested that you look up an old friend who lives on the island.
Is Harris where the tweed woollen mills were/are?

I am concerned about how you define walking, if you get sand in your hebrews :P
Sorry, I mean eyebrows :)
Yes, we saw lots of Harris Tweed places. Wibble thought it felt horribly rough though. I considered buying my dad a hat but the shop I looked in didn't have the right size so I got him something completely different instead.

I got sand in the back pockets of my trousers too!