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Hijinks Ensue

MITHOS night 1: New Lanark

I'm writing this from the passenger seat as we drive up past Loch Lomond on our way to Oban to catch the afternoon ferry to Barra in the Outer Hebrides. Just turned west onto the A83.

I managed to get off work early yesterday afternoon. We drove up through the Dales and onto the motorway north. The wind was pretty extreme and we went through a fair bit of rain too, to be rewarded by a brilliant double rainbow.

Ooh, Loch Long is the pretty!

New Lanark YH was in a lovely location, on the site of a large mil complex by the Clyde River and waterfalls. Don't be fooled by the grim photos on its website! I've attached a photo of Lin parked in front of the hostel itself.

Today is wibble_puppy's birthday. This morning I gave her the present I had made: a Beeblebear constructed from two Winnie the Poohs. She says from the driver's seat to tell you she absolutely loves it. She adds that it's fantastic to finally be here after all the hard work. The scenery gets more beautiful around every corner. Burger King Bean Burgers, however, are "not what they used to be."

49 miles to Oban!
MITHOS night 1: New Lanark


Burger King has gotta be better than Maccy Ds any day though???

Happy Birthday wibble_puppy, such an adventure sounds like a wonderful way to spend it ;-)

Hope you both make it to Oban okay :-)
I think Burger King changed the beanburgers in a mistaken attempt to make them less unhealthy, they used to have a higher fat content than their burgers.
I've been to Oban once, but since I was only about 2 or 3 years old, I have few memories of it (other than being given a Matchbox Ever Ready truck on that trip)
Sad that Burger King Bean Burgers have declined ..., but great that New Lanark is still wonderful.

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*happy birthday* to wibblepuppy!
I liked Oban, when I stayed there.

From mccaigs tower

Rather pretty place.
Sounds fabulous :) Scottish birthdays, hrmmm? Get the girl a haggis. For every year she is old, that is.